Syllabus 2012

Aim of the Syllabus 2012

The Syllabus 2012 has been framed following the international Education Guidelines [IEG] of IFAC to gain advantages in the process of Mutual Recognition Agreement MRA) among different member countries of the world under GATS in WTO.

The aim of the syllabus :

  • To strengthen the knowledge base of the prospective members of CMA profession with the latest developments in the fields of management accounting in the globe.
  • To equip the embers with adequate practical training to enable them to understand different functional areas and their working in on organization and help it to make the system more efficient.
  • To cater to industries, both in manufacturing and service sector. the best quality service from cost and management accounting professionals.
  • To enhance competency level of cost and management accounting professionals at par with international level.‘

Structure of Syllabus 2012

Foundation Course is on Entry Level programme for non-graduate students.

Intermediate Course & Final Course comprises of sixteen subjects. These subjects provide balanced and comprehensive knowledge which is evenly distributed among four knowledge pillars.

A percentage weight age is shown amongst topics for all subjects. This is intended to provide better guidance to the students as to the spread of coverage of different topics in o subject. Moreover, this will be useful for examination system to rationally evaluate he knowledge of students in different topics in o subject.

Foundation Course

Paper 1 : Fundamentals of Economics and Management (FEM)
Paper 2 : Fundamentals Accounting (FOA)
Paper 3 : Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics (FLE)
Paper 4 : Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and statistics (FBMS)

Intermediate Course

Group I
Paper 5 : Financial Accounting (FAC)
Paper 6 : Laws, Ethics and Governance (LEG)
Paper 7 : Direct Taxation (DTX)
Paper 8 : Cost Accounting and Financial Management (CAFM)

Group II
Paper 9 : Operation Management and information System (OMS)
Paper 10 : Cost & Management Accountancy (CMA)
Paper 11 : Indirect Taxation (ITX)
Paper 12 : Company Accounts and Audit (CCA)

Final Course

Group III
Paper 13 : Corporate Laws and Compliance (CLS)
Paper 14 : Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Paper 15 : Business Strategy & Strategic Cost Management (BSCM)
Paper 16 : Tax MANAGEMNET & Practice (TMP)

Group IV
Paper 17 : Strategic Performance Management (SPM)
Paper 18 : Corporate Financial Reporting (CFR)
Paper 19 : Cost and Management Audit (CMAD)
Paper 20 : Financial Analysis & Business Valuation (FABV)

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